Sushi Ninja

Are you too bored with old games? Participating in the game Sushi Ninja will make you feel good about its newness. This is an online game that you can play for free in your browser. At the start of the game you will appear with knives and sushi plates on the table. Your task in this game is that each piece of sushi flies up, you will click the screen to be able to slash them. Sounds extremely interesting right? But to be able to complete the challenge in this game is also not a simple thing.

Because many sushi pieces fly at the same time and many different positions and they fall very quickly. So for you to slash them all in a while, it's not a simple thing. You need to equip yourself with the skills that are the observation and use your hands to quickly react each time you encounter the flying sushi pieces. Slash all in one note to give you a high score. But note that do not slash the bomb, because if you touch the bomb it will explode and your game will end in failure.

Be skillful and watch carefully to avoid the bombs in the best way to give you a part to play victory. Remember to open your friends to join the game Sushi Ninja so you can enjoy relaxing moments together. What do you think if I join some other games like Happy Hour and Flower Saga

Instruction to play

Using the mouse to be able to slash sushi.