Rainbow But Its Alphabet Lore

Rainbow But Its Alphabet is an exciting and addicting survival game that you can play for free. Here, you will cooperate with other online players to clear a mission with the goal of escaping from a monster. Play as one of the letters in the alphabet, you guys are trapped in a school ruled by an evil monster. To escape from there, you have to team up with other letters to clear a mission such as collecting 10 blocks, picking up 8 food bags to feed the monster, fixing a machine, and so on. You have to clear those missions within 50 seconds. You will die if the monster catches and crushes you.

The game ends if you die and when time runs out but you guys haven’t finished the mission. At the moment, there are 3 available game modes including Find the blocks, Feed the monster, Fix the machine, and Light the room. The new modes will come soon. You start with the Find the blocks mode. To unlock the next mode, you have to have 10 diamonds and you will get 1 diamond after a successful mission. Here at Rainbow But Its Alphabet, by winning, you also can unlock new skins which are different letters in the alphabet, as well as get coins to purchase some boosters including Boost Speed, More Time, Light Up, and More Box. If the monster approaches you closely, hide in a box to avoid being crushed.

However, you have to do it as quickly as possible. Have a great gaming time here. Don’t forget to explore our game collection. Tons of awesome games are waiting for you to discover. Some of them are Super Count Masters and Restoration Master.

Instruction to play

Arrow keys to move and Space to hide.