Jelly Battle

Jelly Battle is a puzzle game combined with fun action. This game is suitable for many ages of players to relax and practice a number of different skills. At the start of the game, you can customize the name and icon of the jelly. You have many tasks to solve such as taking care of pets, decorating and feeding them to increase their size. I believe you will love this game from the first time because its sound and graphics are so lovely. The blue jellies and cute movements will have you playing this game in no time.

Jelly Battle has many levels and each level will be a difficult challenge for you. The difficulty level will also be increased gradually and try your best to conquer those levels in the fastest time possible. Follow the instructions on the screen and the arrows to complete the task. Try to open as many levels as possible and experience more lovely graphics in the game. This game will help you practice some skills such as observing situations, speeding up problem solving and stimulating the creativity of the brain.

So parents do not need to worry too much because children play many games because they will also learn many skills through these games. I was really immersed in the green garden with these lovely pets. It will help you really feel relaxed and happy after hard working hours. Are you ready to conquer this game? Don't forget to join us to discover more interesting games such as Soldier Cat Boy Escape at The Runaway Cats.

Instruction to play

Use your mouse or tap directly on the phone screen.