Sniper Fantasy Shooting

 Sniper Fantasy Shooting at kizi Games online is an addictive shooting game that you can play for free in your browsers. How do you like it? Don't hesitate to start with the game right now to get things you've never had before. At the beginning of the game, you will have the opportunity to choose the level at which you participate.

Then you will appear in an ancient land with an amazing 3d room model. And your mission in this game is to shoot the gun to destroy the enemy. Your enemies appear unexpectedly and they hide very well and they always intend to kill you. So you have to watch around using your gun to aim at each time you discover an enemy whether it is near or far, you must immediately shoot and destroy them. As long as you have ingenuity and intelligence in using guns, agility every time you encounter an enemy, you will surely become the hero of this land that no one can destroy.

If you are unlucky to give an enemy the opportunity to destroy you, you will lose in this game. Be brave in a fierce battle and enjoy the victory. All of these attractions are only available in the game Sniper Fantasy Shooting… Remember to invite your friends to join the game to share interesting things about a new shooting game and get relaxing moments together. If you love this kind of game, you can challenge yourself to participate in some kind of game like Monster Craft  and Rebel Attack Shooter


Instruction to play

How to play: Use the mouse cursor to win