Agent P Rebel Spy

After defeating Doofenshmirtz, Agent P has a new mission as a rebel spy in Kizi! In this fun platform game, you will have to control his movement to make him move around the station. The goal is to infiltrate the Death Star and help to find our lost agents. By collecting the valuable items, you will gain scores used for ranking later. Use the various techniques of jump, dodge, move left and right in a flexible way to kill the enemies.

These enemies show up randomly, so be careful with the dark corner. The graphics are clear and easy to follow so that even the beginners can participate in the game. Also, one of the main points is to avoid getting electrocuted by the deadly equipment around the station. How far will Agent P have to go before finding his teammates?

With your help, there is nothing that can stop him! Thanks to such a simple and easy-to-grasp type of gameplay, kids of all ages have been addicted to this journey. There are cool gadgets and fun blocks to conquer, all doing while jumping up the station.

The game has different stages, each with a certain difficulty level, which means the further you go, the harder it is to stay alive. But with the best spying skills, we believe you can do it! Let's check out other free games later such as Eg Zombies City

Instruction to play

Move with left and right arrow keys

Up to jump and double-jump.