Rope Puzzle

The intellectual puzzle games are always the top search of the players because of their attractive gameplay. Get started now with the game Rope Puzzle. When entering the game you will appear along with when a ball a rope under is the bowling ball. And your task in this game is to move the mouse to cut the rope and make the ball break all the bowling balls below.

Sounds interesting and simple? But the later it gets harder and harder and the position of the ball and bowling is very far apart, there are obstacles. So for you to overcome the challenge of the game is not a simple thing. So you need to have your observation and wisdom. Think and calculate how to cut the most appropriate string, at the right time and can destroy all the bowling balls at the bottom.

If you do not destroy all the bowling balls then you will have to start another challenge. So you have to be smart and skillful using all the skills you have in this game to be able to pass the level of the game. There are also many levels behind you waiting to explore.

Let's train your brain and test your wisdom in the game Rope Puzzle. Do not forget to share this game with your friends and invite your friends to join the game today to have the opportunity to test your brain. Why don't you challenge yourself to join some other similar game genres like Cube Gravity Switch and Icezag

Instruction to play

Use the mouse.