Castle Keeper

Participate in the latest Kizi gaming selection with this virtual fighting platform of Castle Keeper - the latest shooting and fighting coordination game where the players will fight to protect their bases! As plenty of enemy waves will be approaching, be prepared to stand up against their attacks and perform the counter-attack accordingly. It's all about resisting the attacks and keeping your gate safe from all arrows. Take over the role of the main archer in the game and tackle more epic and adventurous battles for a thrilling gaming experience!

Find out the perfect direction and timing for dispatching the arrows. Take advantage of your archer skills as well as the precision in aiming to target the troops. Try to fully utilize the power of throwing ladders or fire barrels toward the enemies to create more damage! Upgrading for both your hero and the overall army to unlock new skill sets. It's crucial to constantly upgrade and keep your stamina by purchasing more boosters from the in-game store as there will be more and more bosses as well as the new enemy soon.

The battlefield varies depending on the staging of each level, therefore, stay alert when tackling new terrains or backgrounds since the obstacles and dangers will be different. Dive into this 3D world of free games to enjoy one of the most addictive gameplay and simple controlling key sets. The highest ranked player shall be the one who manages to clear out the objective of the game using the least resource and time, so stay focused and keep advancing further.

To be stronger than the invaders, try to bypass all the waves of attacks with a smart strategy and tactic. Don't forget that the game list of will be filled up daily with more strategic games like Sniper King 2D: The Dark City

Instruction to play

Use the mouse or touchpad to