Water Race 3D

The summer is hot and will feel extremely uncomfortable. Rest assured that you will participate in an extremely cool game with tears now. Do you want to get started with this game? Take control of your character experience skateboarding on the cool water pipes that the game offers Water Race 3D at kizi multiplication games. There will be many obstacles ahead for you to find it very difficult to participate in this challenge. You will have a chance to choose your favorite board. There will be 4 types of boards as well as different colors appear.

Depending on your preference, choose a board that feels most impressive. Then this hose is not a straight one but is split into many different pipes or swimming floats and lots of gaps appear. You need to jump very high when there is space to not fall into the lake. You need to hang on the swimming float to be able to move safely on this road. With lots of demanding skills and games. Are you confident you will be at this level?

Please observe and reflect quickly when encountering obstacles ahead. If you are slow, you will not be able to safely keep yourself skateboarding on a pipe. Adventure in an extremely cool game with smooth blue water. Do you want to enjoy the great things in the gameplay?

Do not hesitate but allow yourself to share this game Water Race 3D with your friends so that you can enjoy the exciting water skiing together that you have never had the opportunity to join before. It would be fun to challenge you to join a few other similar types of entertainment games like Fluffy Story 2 and Skeleton Party Hidden 

Instruction to play

Use mouse to be able to make the player jump through all the obstacles.