Draw Defense

Your chances of winning are many. Let's take part in a simple room game as possible. This is a game Draw Defense with extremely interesting Stickman characters. You can completely play the game online on all your computer and mobile browsers because it's completely free. You need to control your army into positions, then attack the enemies in front. Your army is green and your enemies are red.

Draw the path then your army will follow the path you have prepared and go to the enemy's place and destroy them. The opposing army is also very large. So you need to try to keep your army safe in this defense. Don't let the enemies destroy your base. There will be bombs falling from above. You need to dodge as well as perform good fighting skills. How much risk your army has to fight and destroy these fierce enemies.

This is a never-ending battle. If you are a smart person and can take the initiative in this fight. You will become the leader of the land that no one can invade. Summon yourself all the different types of soldiers. Enemies are stronger than you will have to improve your equipment to defeat them with some more advanced weapons.

Do not hesitate to join your friends in this game Draw Defense so that together you can improve your soldiers into the most powerful army. Explore many more for a few other similar fighting games back Math Word Search 

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to draw out the army of soldiers.