Wheel Smash

The wheel cannot roll itself on the road. It needs you to help it. Do you want to get started with it quickly? You absolutely can become interesting things. Would you like to be more? The game is very interesting. We believe it will be interesting to you. Many surprises and new things are waiting for you in this game. You will completely become a celebrity if you score high scores. Do you want to get started quickly? We will experience many new things. Get the quest from now on.

Wheel Smash is an entertaining and relaxing game, this game has very simple operation, flexible finger press, simple operation mode, delicate gameplay, smashing crispy, soft toys. feel different and feel so satisfied. There are many different types of objects to crush! Enjoy Wheel Smash! The task is extremely simple. You will gently control the wheel rolling through all the obstacles on the road. The sounds will be very interesting. You will have a lot of fun playing with your friends. Do you feel that way?

How to adjust the wheel? You drag them through all of them. Fast drag and pull. You can get started. Together we will feel many surprises. With vivid graphic design, the game has many beautiful images to help players feel more excited. How far will you help the wheel go and how many diamonds will you collect? It all depends on your ingenuity. Play now!

Enjoy online game Wheel Smash. Opportunity to experience some other games similar to Ball Clash. Will you enjoy it with your friends? Of course!

Instruction to play

Use mouse to play.