Rescue The Rabbit

The rabbit is trapped in an eye forest. How can you rescue them from this captivity? Join now on the game Rescue The Rabbit at … to perform this wonderful task. You will be in a forest and look for items. These useful items are trapped in the forest and you need to search it through objects. Observe and use your wits to win the game. objects are in disarray and messy and you won't know. They are confused with the scenery in the garden. trying to find a way to free these rabbits. Can you get through this game?

I believe you have your skills and the intelligence you will overcome. Click to collect your favorite items. Rescue the whole rabbit with the puzzles the game will offer. Use your brain to be able to answer and find the best answer. Very difficult puzzles. Try to show your best and have fun in the garden. If you cannot find all the items and riddles, you are ready to receive a bad thing is that you have to stop the game.

All that is new in the game Rescue The Rabbit at You should share this game with your friends. Join your friends right now in the game to have the opportunity to solve puzzles with your best friend's intelligence. If the games leave you with a lot of impressions, get started and a few other similar game genres like Lop Lop Lop and Virus Jigsaw 

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to be able to search for objects.