Arena: Noob vs Pro

You are now invited to the Minecraft Arena of Noob VS Pro, which is an online multiplayer fighting game featuring these classic pixelated characters that so many of you have come to love and appreciate, and you should know that this game is ranked, which means that you start off low, but if you give it your all, we're confident you'll rise to the top!

In the main menu, you can choose your nickname and upgrade your character with the money you earn from winning fights. Add your points to the following specifications: Damage, Critical Chance, and Attack Speed. You can buy and open treasure chests in the Shop to see what comes out of them. You can also spend your coins to purchase new Skins and Weapons for your Noob character.

Six players, three from each team, enter the arena and are placed on the battlefield, where you must shoot down members of the opposing team, kill them all, and survive until the end to win.

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Instruction to play

Move with the WASD keys, and aim and shoot with the mouse. That's the premise, these are the mechanics, and this is all the awesome fun we're inviting you to have right now, which we hope you don't pass up!