Rubek is a mind-bending puzzle game that tests your problem-solving skills with 80 challenging puzzles. In this minimalist color-based puzzle game at Kizi, your objective is to roll a cube to the endpoint. However, to do it, you have to figure out a way. A cube has 6 faces and you have to roll it to the color tile that has a plus on it to paint the face of the cube with that color.

And then, you can match that color to the tiles of the same color on the floor. If you don’t match the right face and color, you can’t move forward. At that moment, you have to go back and pick up the colors. You may find it too easy in some first levels as there is only one color and the way to the endpoint is too obvious. However, later on, you will soon realize how challenging the game is. As you level up, more colors will appear.

The more color, the harder the puzzle. Here at, as soon as you roll the cube to the endpoint, you can unlock the next levels. You don’t need to clear a level within a given time or a certain number of moves. Just roll around until you find a way to reach the target. However, the more time you spend solving the puzzle, the fewer star you get. Gain as many stars as you can to put your name on the global leaderboard.

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Instruction to play

WASD, arrow keys, or mouse.