Sweet Shop 3D

Sweet Shop 3D is a fun arcade game in which you run your own candy store. While expanding your sweet shop and hiring new employees, sell a wide range of appealing sweet treats to your customers.

Build your sweet shop in game and become the best pleasant seller ever! Garden, build but instead expand your shop. Serve customers, earn money, hire employees, and spread joy and deliciousness throughout the world. Build your chocolate shop and let your customers enjoy your delectable treats.

As you start to sell more colorful candies and fruits, you will demand staff to assist you on your journey. Farmers can be employed to pick the fruit, cashiers to help manage the cash register, and workmen to keep the shelves stocked with the a variety of delectable sweets.

Upgrading will allow you to pick up and stock more items at once, reducing the number of customers queuing for their favorite products on the shelves. Staff members can be upgraded in the same way.

Let's take a look at all of the game's new features. Players will be enthralled by the game's vivid graphic design and excellent sound. Let's look at some other games that are similar to Tasty Match.

Instruction to play

  • Use the WASD or Arrow keys or drag left mouse button to move
  • Left mouse button to interact with the in-game buttons