Stupid Zombies

Shoot fast and accurate to be able to destroy all these ferocious zombies. They are present everywhere and are intended to destroy you. Rest assured that you can fully unleash the game Stupid Zombies at kizi strategy games without having to worry about paying any money. Are you ready for this mission to appear in a land with lots of obstacles around and the Zombie? Your goal is to shoot down all of them. But there is a difficulty that the Zombie is in a very high position as well as many obstacles to protect it.

So you need to observe and think about using your brain in this game to see where to shoot to best destroy them. These zombies have a limited number of bullets that you need to take advantage of the opportunity to focus on this battle. If time ends you will have to stop. Finish with a level you will unlock the next level and rife with more difficulties. Don't worry, I believe that especially you have the skills you will overcome all.

Have fun and experience with a new challenge with the Zombie in the game Stupid Zombies. You will not have to play the game alone when sharing it with your friends. Join your friends now in the game to become the leader of the zombies. Please give yourself the challenge to add some interesting game genres in other characters like Super Knight Adventure and Galactic Judge 

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to be able to bombard them all.