Pretty Tiles

Test your brain in the online game Pretty Tiles. Accept new challenges and you will have amazing experiences. Let's start with a series of fun puzzles with your quick wits. You will love it the first time you play it. You need to be quick and observe well to score maximum points in the allotted time. What are the rules of this game? Let's explore it with us.

Imagine you are working in a warehouse that produces goods. Our conveyor belt only accepts the same goods. Each time you arrange the goods, you must choose at least 3 of the same goods and move them to another place. In the warehouse, there are many types of vegetables and fruits... You will have to look to find out where the same goods are located. Once you find the location, pick them up quickly on the conveyor belt. The faster the higher the score.

Enjoy all the fun of playing the Pretty Tiles online game. The carousels will keep working. You need to observe the time requirement, there are certain types of goods that need to be shipped immediately within the allotted time. You pick it upright and before the time you will be praised. And so on until the stock runs out. If you pick up the wrong item and pair it incorrectly, the goods will be in stock and not shipped. Game over. Do you know the rules yet?

Vivid graphic design, the game has something new about how to play. Surely players will find it interesting and relaxing. There are many levels for you to experience. Join some other online games similar to Santa Claus Jumping

Instruction to play

Use your mouse to link or touch the screen on your phone.