Santa Claus Jumping

The exciting Christmas season is over. Santa Claus needs rest. He will go up the mountain and play some interesting games. Are you ready to help him in the Santa Claus Jumper online game. Let's start those fun moments now. You will be hooked as soon as you play this game. We can do this task well. Invite your friends to discover the fascinating things in this game.

You will go up the mountain and prepare some conditions to play. The icebergs are an interesting destination. Below are thick layers of snow. You will prepare the horizontal bars to block the ice formations to play the high jump game. Do you have high jump skills? Are you good at this sport?

Let's start with fun together. Santa Claus Jumper is a Christmas winter game in which you have to jump between two objects. If Santa jumps too high, he will hit the sharp ice and he will burst. Try to stand on the podium to earn points. Try not to touch the sharp ice.

Enjoy and have fun! You will use the mouse to swipe up and control the old man to jump high. But you need to have a special dexterity, you will swipe up enough for the old man to stand on the crossbar. If you go too far the old man will touch the sharp ice and everything will be over. You already know the rules of this game. You will feel a lot of fun! Chance to play some more games similar to Squid hero impostor.

Instruction to play

Use mouse to play this game.