Jumping Kim

Do you know Kim? He is a famous president. Now he will play a game with you. Click to make him jump. It will create a horrible power of destroying when you help Kim make each perfect jump. The more Kim jump, the more build will be destroyed. Is that fun? Join the game Jumping Kim at kizi new games and have a blast! 

Every time you jump, you will inflict some damage to the building on the back. Destroy the building to pass reach the next level and earn coins to buy cool upgrades, like the stomp, the combos, the armored truck and much more. You can also unlock funny Kim clones, like Joker Kim, Cartman Kim, Bee Kim, or even Donald Trump. Jump for as long as possible and have fun with Jumping Kim!

Easy as it might sound, the game is easy to understand yet quite hard to master since you need to try your best and destroy the building and earn coins. In order to buy cool upgrades, like the stomp forces, the combos, the armored equipment, you will need these extra coins. You can only pass a level when you totally destroy all the buildings behind Kim Jong Un.

Hope you love this game and if you want to play other similar games, you can try Jump To The Core. Check out at our site and you can find many other interesting types of games. Enjoy your time!

Instruction to play

Click on screen to jump