Panda commander

Fight your way through the skies as a commander in the Panda Commander online game at Kizi games fun free games. Bears will fly planes to fight enemies in the sky so much fun. Upgrade your planes and weapons to fight the enemies! Great gameplay, epic boss battles, and the ability to transfer in-game currency to any game.

Join the panda to destroy all enemies when you own the sky. You will feel very happy and excited while playing this game. You can discover a lot more interesting things. Together we will play and conquer the challenges of the sky. Control the fighter to destroy the enemies flying overhead. Shoot in quick succession and don't stop. You will destroy all the enemies and collect all the stars in the sky. Play together and discover a lot of new things.

Enjoy the fun of playing Panda Commander online game at Fly high in the sky and fight hard to defend the territory. The bears are very brave, not afraid of danger, flying fighter planes to confront dangerous enemies. Are you ready to do those things? Meet the ultimate terrorist bosses. Don't worry or be afraid. Just shoot straight at the boss. They will die and do not endanger you. The game has a lot of interesting things. Do you become the hero in the game or not?

It all depends on your agility. Conquer all the challenges in this game and you will feel a lot of new things. Let's experience the game more here. If you love this game, you can play some other games similar to Idle Hero: Counter Terrorist

Instruction to play

Use mouse or touch screen to play.