Bffs Venice Carnival Celebration

The carnival is about to take place. Do you want to try to become a professional fashion designer when playing the Bffs Venice Carnival Celebration online game. Feel a lot of new and exciting things when starting with this game. Welcome to the carnival celebration, the girls are planning a trip to Italy for the Venice carnival. Sounds fun doesn't it? Help the girls with the quick preparation. Browse their wardrobe and choose the right outfit and hairstyle. Don't forget to choose a mask for the party. Join these girls and have fun.

A vacation trip abroad needs to be prepared very carefully and carefully. They trust you very much, helping them choose the right costumes for the festival but exuding elegance and nobility. Enjoy the fun of playing the Bffs Venice Carnival Celebration online game. Discover now the surprises that will take place in the game. Their wardrobe is full of new collections. But it is necessary to choose things that match the Italian style of makeup. We need to be subtle to make the girls stand out. You will play and do not forget to share the fun. The makeup style and the outfit will need to be logical with each other. A harmonious combination will make the girl stand out.

Are they noticed or not? It all depends on your ingenuity. Show sophistication in your every outfit. We will make players passionate. Show your skills while playing. Share those with your friends and invite them to play some other games similar to BFF Art Class at

Instruction to play

Use the left mouse to play.