Farm Clash 3D

Do you feel the charms that shooting games bring? Add a newly released shooting game that is Farm Clash 3D at kizi exciting games. This is an addictive online shooting game that you can fully play for free on your computer and mobile phone. Are you ready to try yourself on the challenges of the given game?

In this game, you will transform into an evil farmer using his gun to shoot those crap who are also your opponents. Are you confident that you will win this game? Your opponent appears a lot and they appear very unexpected so to be able to detect them is a difficult thing. You need to equip yourself with those skills that are your observation and care in every step.

When you meet your opponent, shoot them quickly to destroy them. If you are unlucky to have the opponent destroy the opposite you like your game will end in failure. Move carefully and consider everything around if you see your enemy's name, actively shoot them continuously and destroy everything then you will have the opportunity to become a single survivor in battle this fierce.

All the fun and experience you get is only in the game Farm Clash 3D. Don't forget to share these fun games with you for your friends and invite your friends to join the game today for a chance to experience shooting matches in the most attractive farm ever. If you are interested in this kind of shooting game, you can completely join some other types of games such as Clash Of Armor and Zombies Survival

Instruction to play

arrow keys.