Noob Guys

The race between friends is an exciting challenge. You will do well in those tasks in the online game Noob Guys. Accept all challenges! All the fun is present in this game. You will have a lot of new experiences, and many new attractive games. And you will have great racing skills. Together we play and conquer a lot of new and unexpected things. Let's have more honest feelings.

Before coming to the game you should learn the rules of this game. Don't fall, if you fall, you will start all over again. No one wants to start over. Are you ready for a race full of noobs? You have to collect crowns to get the noob outfit. You will be number 1 in the race of noob boys. You should be the winner of the race, you should buy the best outfit. What are you waiting for?

Join the online game Noob Guys. You are completely capable of doing this task well. Together we will conquer the challenging race track. You will join in all those fun challenges. You will do well with that content. You will run on a road, where there are many obstacles, your task is to overcome those challenges. Sometimes there are stairs you need to jump up, sometimes there are deep holes, falling you will die. And unexpected challenges are waiting for you.

The game is fun and engaging. Don't hesitate to start doing it. We will have a lot of fun. Show your ingenuity when participating in this game. You will have an interesting experience when making players run fast. The gameplay is simple, the sound is vivid. Surely players will love it. If you love this game, you can play some more similar games like Noob Guys

Instruction to play

Game controls: Use arrow keys or mobile touch to play the game.