Flag Capture

A thrilling first-person game with flag grabs and gunfights. You will feel very happy when participating in the online game Flag Capture. Conquer many interesting challenges. You will start the journey together when you feel like you have enjoyed it. Get ready to break through and immediately snatch the flag from your opponent. They will compete with you to the end and your mission is to fight. We will begin to fight to fulfill noble missions. Shoot, freeze, burn, and blow up your opponents if they get in the way of capturing the flag.

Reclaim your flag if your opponent has stolen it. In this game, you have to compete in a flag-robbing format. Several types of weapons will help you achieve your goal and the beautiful and realistic physics will make it interesting. The best players will top the leaderboard! Challenge yourself with the online game Flag Capture at action games. You will gain new survival skills. In the duel, what do you need to do to test your strength? You strive to achieve your goal when you need it. You hold the gun and shoot towards the opponent strongly, we will improve a lot of fighting skills.

Don't hesitate and you need to feel with action and shoot properly at the opponent. Steal the flag before the enemies. With dynamic, eye-catching graphics, we will be in tune with the opponent and play hard with the game. Simulate the battle for the flag and the decisive victory of the opponent. Discover a lot of new and unique things about this game. Are you ready to take on those challenges? Play some other games like Parking Mania and Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night to test your agility.

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to play.