Cat Wizard Defense

The cat's dreamlike garden is being invaded by several strangers. Get ready to fight those enemies in the online Cat Wizard Defense game at Kizi 4 animal games online. You will do your best. Do you want to be the brave warrior of this game? Let's start to show off your agility. You will love it the first time you play it. What are you waiting for? Start now for the chance to experience so many new things.

The dreamland of the cats will be returned to peace or not thanks to you. Seek the rules of the game and get started now. Position the defensive towers for the cat to protect from the slime ball. Collect energy by destroying the slime balls. Use energy to buy better towers. Don't let the slime balls touch your base! Features - Interactive tutorial - Amazing animal theme - 18 large, challenging levels - Many types of slime monsters unlocked as you progress. Use them strategically to win each level.

First, you need to build defensive towers. Each of those towers will be guarded by a cat. The more bases, the more difficult it is for the enemy to capture the territory. The enemy balls are marching very crowded toward the territory. Shoot fast and continuously at them. Remember to be fast so that no balls can enter your territory. You will feel happy and happy when defending your territory. The game has a lot of levels. How many levels will you pass and how many points will you achieve?

It all depends on your ingenuity. Enjoy the online game Cat Wizard Defense. If you love this game, you can join some other games similar to Sniper Stag Hunter

Instruction to play

Use the mouse.