Water Lab

Water Lab is a logic puzzle game which is playable. Using the provided cups, measure out the correct amount of liquid. Significantly raise your score besides quickly accomplishing the puzzles. Later thresholds have different colored liquids that must be poured only into their various cups. To get a top mark, try to be as quickly and efficiently as possible! Make an effort to solve the puzzles with a clear mind. 

On the screen, you will indeed be given the cups. Use them to get the right amount of liquid. In the advanced ones, you will experience numerous colored beverages that you should pour in order to clear the level. Measuring the correct amount of water allows you to finish the puzzle and enter the color codes into your account! Use your nervous system and concentration to solve this math puzzle platformer and have the most fun! Good luck completing all of the levels quickly to become the winner of this top science game! Simply browse our website for more water games and keep yourself enthralled! Have fun!

Eye-catching graphics, vivid sound. You will love it. If you love this game, you can join some other games similar to Kids Mathematics.

Instruction to play

Tap and drag a cup over another to transfer the liquid from one cup to the other.