Hover Skirt

You're the skirt girl floating over the abyss in this colorful striped tunic. Looks stylish! And how does she fly? All that fun will be available in the online game Hover Skirt. Ready to start this exciting game. Maybe it's just the ballerina's dance and dance? Only you decide! When you walk on the ground, which is more like a catwalk, your model not only chooses dresses and skirts, but also high heels, fashionable clothes, and hair. Racing against time is a challenge. Which path will you choose? Angel or devil?

Choose your destiny in this eternal fashion battle and dress up as angel or devil. Try on the dresses now. Create your most stylish outfit and fly in the sky! You will try to show all your running skills in the online game Hover Skirt at action games. Start now! The gameplay is very simple. Use your mouse to move left and right, fold dresses, collect gems and keys. Collect skirts that will then be used while you fly. Use your mouse or finger on a mobile device. All will be shown on the results of the game. How many dresses will you wear to the girl? How many tracks can you pass?

It all depends on your ingenuity. You will enjoy a lot of fun breakouts. The girl's journey is like a fascinating adventure. You will help the girl collect attractive outfits. The designs are full of interesting accessories. You will get coins and share how to play with many friends. Collect sexy and very interesting new dresses. Share all that with your friends and invite them to some other games like Deads On The Road and Fantasy Madness.

Instruction to play

Tap the screen or use the mouse.