Fall Down Party

Fall Down Party is a sports game in which you must meet the most popular characters from our games in an exciting battle game in which you must push your enemies off the field where you are all together.

When the timer reaches zero, you must be on a square, because The Doll will raise certain portions of the platform, and you will lose if you are not on that portion. Another important consideration is that you must be wary of your opponents, as they will attempt to push you off the platform, causing you to lose the game. When you defeat an opponent, you will be properly rewarded, potentially making you the game's winner. Various objects will appear on the platform from time to time that you can collect, and we recommend that you try to collect them because each point counts in the player ranking.

We can completely invite more friends to join in on the fun. If you enjoy this game, you can play similar games such as Hungry Shark Arena.

Instruction to play

Move on the square with the same image as shown by the doll.