Summer Brick Out

The simple but attractive gameplay makes Summer Brick Out be one of the best classic arcade games at kizi fun games for those who love this genre. Anyone can pick up and play this game. All you need to do here is to move the paddle and make it a platform for the ball to fly and continue breaking bricks. Your main goal is to clear all the bricks above you at each level within a limited time.

This game is much more upgrade than the classic version in some ways. As the bricks are destroyed, so many useful items will drop. At that moment, you use the paddle to collect them. They will help you finish the level much faster.  On, if time runs out or the ball drops, you lose and you have to play that current level again. The more bricks you break at once, the more points you get. So make sure you make as many combos as possible.

It is unclear how many levels the game has, just know that when you finish the current level, you will automatically move on to the next level but it doesn’t matter. Just focus on breaking things and collect everything. Keep in mind that as you level up, more bricks appear in each level. Under the pressure of time, you find it much harder to succeed.

Challenging makes the game more fun, right? Enjoy your time here and don’t forget to check out other options that our site offers you. Some of the best choices for you are Jet Ski Summer Fun Hidden and Bubble Shooter Golden Football

Instruction to play

Use your mouse to move the paddle.