Taxi Driver

Kizi is looking for a new professional driver who can complete the targets for Taxi Driver free game. It's the type of simulation game in which the players will get to play the role of the trusty taxi drivers in our city. By the end of the day, you need to get the daily job done by putting the check mark on all the required locations. You will start from the very first location and work your way to unlock all the other ones. It still remains a racing game with specialized 3D graphics to make it more realistic for the fans of a racing theme.

First, hop on your car, fasten your seatbelt and ready for the hottest races ever at! By stepping on the gas pedal with a consistent pace, you can control the speed of the car. Just loosely release the pedal whenever you want to slow down to prepare for a curve. The track map and layout will vary depending on the location and the levels, so explore them all to enhance your ability to adapt to changes. Can you see the statistics on the top of the game screen? Use those numbers to keep track of the speed, velocity, bonuses, gas level and tools.

Of course, only the players who manage to reach the finish line fast will be able to claim the top positions on the Leaderboard. But the fun is guaranteed with the latest technology for racing games and cool race tracks. Other games for the little racers are X Racer and Car Tracks Unlimited

Instruction to play

Move with arrow keys.