Nova Defender

Re-experience yourself and a very new genre fighting game just released with Nova Defender. What is the first thing that gives you the chance to become a winning player? You need to understand the rules of the game. Don't worry I'll show you the best way to play your goal in this game is to attack the aliens trying to destroy your base. Use a small gun standing at the top to shoot well to be able to kill them. They appear very crowded with the army.

So you need to immediately fight your base with all the weapons you have. Observe well as well as shoot accurately. If you are slow you may lose your base at any time. How many aliens can you defeat? It all depends on what shooting skills you have. Don't let that happen because it's terrible.

Try to become the last surviving player in this fierce war and keep your position. Challenges are still ahead. Be careful and focus on not to become a loser in the match. All those great things are only in the game Nova Defender. Such an awesome fighting game so you shouldn't keep it to yourself but share it with your friends.

Join your friends now to join the game so you can train with scary aliens. If these games leave you with a lot of excitement, let's explore and a few other similar fighting games like World Wars 1991 and Grand Shift Auto 

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to be able to destroy all the aliens.