Imposter Expansion Wars

And at last, the crew members had been capable of eliminating all of the impostors by hitting the ground them on another of the planets in the Imposter Expansion Wars. It makes it appear that it is occasion to band together and start the work of settling the planet. Instead, a impostors staged a showdown by expropriating towers and territories. Individuals will have to intervene, but struggling to reconcile blue and red will not work.

As a result, you will find yourself on the side of something like the green army, actively helping them in defeating with there opponents. The objective is to blow out all of the opposing force buildings on each level. Must have sent your warrior to encapsulate to accomplish this. Notwithstanding, reimburse attention to the amounts on each object. This signifies the number of combatants. If there are greater numbers of colleagues than you, there is nothing that you can do; otherwise, you could well lose the game.

In addition, we also update other new games like Graffiti Time. Be the first to win all levels of this game. 

Instruction to play

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