You have a gun and now it's time to show off some skills with it! Join the online game Grappler. You will love the game the first time you play it. Completing all the levels shows how much you know to grapple! Can you struggle enough? Do you want to start now? Together we will explore the very fun levels of this game. We will practice a lot of skills such as throwing guns, cutting objects and climbing on pylons....

The shooting techniques are very ordinary, in this game will recreate a lot of new techniques. Challenges you've never shown before. The way to use the gun is very attractive. Do not miss the opportunity to experience when playing the online game Grappler. You will be challenged with new rules in this game. You will use the features to control your gun to find the right position according to the topic.

Solve puzzles and grapple with new ways of playing that will make players love. The game will train you to experience a new style of gunplay. There are positions where you need to be careful when throwing. Simple gameplay, vivid graphics. What are you waiting for? Start playing now. You will have a lot of opportunities for new experiences.

Explore with your friends and if they like it, play a few more games like Tank MIX. You will become a very good player. Do as many new things as you can. 

Instruction to play

WASD to move, space to jump, left click to throw grapple, right-click to move towards grapple anchor, shift to cut grapple.