Growing Fish

Playing a fun fish tank game will bring many very interesting emotions. If you could get the job done in Growing Fish online at kizi games multiplayer. You'll love it the first time you play it. I feel it has a lot of new things. Did you know your mission in this game? In a large and deep lake, there were many species of fish. They all live in peace until the other little fish are reluctant to eat other steel. You manage to avoid this mess and not let him continue.

Move weaker fish out of the way of these predators. Very soon you will see the results of their labor and rejoice. You will choose to play against the computer, play against other opponents. You will need to eat all the fish in this pool. But remember one rule, if you are a small fish you should eat the smaller fish. As you get the older think of the giant fish. Do this until you become the biggest fish in the pool. You will win against all opponents.

But you also need to be very careful to be able to play against opponents in this game. They will also do their best to wait for the chance to eat you. If in this life and death fight you want to survive, you must fight. Eat all the smaller creatures like mosses, starfish, corals, little fishes ... everything you eat so you can score points. You will feel like you are in a chase. Try to participate in the battles with the lot you play.

The graphic design is vivid, the image of the aquarium is great. You will feel very excited if you can join some other games similar to Aquarium Farm 

Instruction to play

Use mouse to play.