Tales Of Crevan

Are you willing to take the time to join the online game Tales Of Crevan. Accept all these fascinating challenges. You need to be strong and agile to get back home safely. The story of a poor squirrel who has lost his family and is very scared. Please help him return to his beloved home and be with his family members. The road home is fraught with challenges and obstacles.

Larger animals will interfere and hurt the little squirrel. Help him get through those places safely. If in danger, jump high and stay away. There are times when you need to be alert to move and hide in unseen enemy positions. The scared squirrel will be helped by good people. Do not forget to collect creatures and smaller animals to have the power to fight.

There are too many dangers along the way with the little squirrel. With him overcome all challenges to return safely when participating in the online game Tales Of Crevan. You need to do a lot of things. General skills when participating in this game. You will have to look and observe while also having to move. All are well combined. There are many levels corresponding to different types of terrain.

You will gradually experience each of those levels and have your assessment. Those difficulties will not frighten players. Will the squirrel return home safely? All thanks to your ingenuity. You will conquer it. Spend more time playing. Enjoy some other games like Dibbles For the Greater Good

Instruction to play

Use arrow keys to move.