Tiger Simulator D

You can create a tiger family going around the forest and perform various tasks right now in the game Tiger Simulator D at kizi online 2 player. Control your tiger and start the adventure. Your goal is to hunt down the moving animals in this forest. Can you complete this mission and become stronger?

Accidentally you see another tiger, you will be able to gather it in with your tiger family. For you to overcome the challenge you need to hunt. Collect food by fighting with other animals and eat them when they lose. There will be lots of animals hiding and they also want to destroy you. Don't worry you'll be able to defeat them now! Use your head to fight the big animals. Try not to let them take you down.

Every day you can completely find food in this forest. Can you become the lord of this beautiful forest? I believe that you will become a tiger with no opponents and be the last to survive this battle. Attacking more and more animals will make you have more food. Experience new things when you first join the game with a tiger.

Hunt and collect more food to have the strength to fight in the next actions of the game Tiger Simulator D. Do not forget to share this new game with your friends and invite them to join now in the game to join the forest with fierce tigers. What do you think if you experience adding a few other similar interesting games like Super Flippy Knife and RoyalDice Journey 

Instruction to play

Use the arrow to move the tiger.