Connect Hagi and Kisi

Connect Hagi and Kisi is one of the exciting new puzzle games to be decided to add to category. The game is a platformer with 60 levels of increasing intensity where both Huggy Wuggy and Kissy Missy have really been transformed into soft balls and your goal is to have the two of them hook up with one another as when that happens, you have accomplished the level.

You will circulate the screen by pressing the button and holding the mouse and dragging it, or by using someone finger if you are starting to play on a mobile device. Of course, you want to have the two balls to avoid obstacles and not decline off the screen entirely, as both of these things will cause you to lose the level.

Join your friends right now in the game so you can have the chance to challenge your brain most smartly. It would be fun to allow you to join fairies and some other interesting games like Arrow Fest

Instruction to play

Hold the mouse and rotate the level (for PC browsers), or click on the screen and rotate the level (for mobile devices).