Drive Hills Online

As its name, Drive Hills Online is a driving game but it won’t challenge you with some tricky driving missions or the tracks filled with obstacles like other games of the same genre. It combines driving and good delivery to create an exciting mission. If you are curious about it, check it out right now. This game offers many levels. Each level is a mission that you have to deliver all the good to the finish line without dropping even one. You must complete the current level to unlock the new stages. It sounds too easy and boring for you.

Wait! Keep playing and you will realize soon that many obstacles will appear trying to stop you from succeeding in your mission. However, don’t let it happen. The key point is how to control your speed. You drive your car simply by pressing and holding your left mouse button. When you release your mouse, your car is slow down, and then stop.

As you know and you may love it too that the feeling that going from the start line to the finish line without stopping is so satisfying. However, if you always drive at that speed all the time at every level, you will crash into other vehicles that suddenly appear. There are many forks and crossroads here.

Make sure you brake your car at the right time to avoid any unwanted accidents. Conquer all levels and enjoy many enjoyable games available for free on our site such as Monster Truck Stunts and City Police Bike Simulator 

Instruction to play

Press and hold your left mouse to drive and release your left mouse to brake the car.