Red Stickman vs Monster School

Red Stickman vs Monster School is a newly designed adventure game with platform features inspired virtually unlimited but rather enormous entire globe, in which a Red Stickman continues to face a school of numerous different monsters. Nonetheless, given that he is new to the pixel world, he would greatly grateful for your help by playing the game yourself.

Move with A and D, jump with W, and back stab with the bonus rounds character whilst also pressing the spacebar. Start by giving it your everywhere to defeat the monsters from each level, because if you don't, individuals won't be able to open the gate that appears to take you to the next level.

If you find a gun and refurbishments along the way, consider making sure to grab one another and use them, but instead collect so many more coins as you can because they are available to buy new things in the shop as well as new skins. If your health lounge runs out, you lose and must rebooting from the beginning, so try not to let that happen and instead make the finals each level! Enjoy!

This type of game is suitable for daily play, but if you are looking for more genres, come to experience famous games like Red vs Dead on the website later! 

Instruction to play

Use the W, A, D and the spacebar.