Puzzle games that make you feel bored. Don't worry I will invite you to participate in an extremely attractive fighting game with the same new genre that has just been released This is a unique battlefield game only weapons that you have to make a motor. You need to use this tiny weapon to kill others. Can you do this many opponents are attacking you?

Observe and move to their hiding places. Lift the gun and shoot them down with one accurate shot. Run and avoid the bombs that the opponent dropped to keep yourself safe. Try to become the last survivor on this battlefield. Vast lands are really hard to survive. With countless opponents. How much time can you live?

It all depends on your shooting skills. This game requires time. So you don't need to worry too much. Try to climb to the top 1 of the rankings. Collect as much money from the friends you destroy to unlock powerful mortars. I wish you have lots of luck in the game You should share this fighting game with your friends so you don't have to play alone.

Let's invite our best friends to experience right now in the game to be able to relieve boredom as well as start a fierce and intense battle on the battlefield. Why don't you allow yourself to join some other interesting fighting games like and

Instruction to play

Use the arrow keys to be able to move, the mouse to able to win the challenge.