Beam Jump

Welcome to participate in a game with cute cartoon characters with Beam Jump.  Are you ready to challenge yourself and the challenges of the game? You can play this game for free in your online browsers. When entering the game you will appear with your character and with four other friends. Sounds very funny right? But the challenge of the game is extremely difficult.

You will stand on a pillar and in front of you will be the stick that it can move around. So your mission in this game is to jump up every time the stick goes through your position. It is very simple to hear, but this stick does not follow a cycle but it suddenly turns messy. So you need to observe and use all your skills in the best way to skillfully jump up and be agile every time the stick comes. If you delay a little while being hit by the stick and knocked out of this cylinder, your game will end soon.
Do you want to be the highest score player in this game? If so, then be calm and experience the great discoveries and challenges that the game brings to you. Do not keep the fun that you get this game for yourself but share the game with your friends and invite them to join the game Beam Jump to have relaxing moments together. If you feel excited about this kind of game, you can challenge yourself with some other similar game genres Spiral Jump 3D and Line Color

Instruction to play

How to play using the mouse to discover.