Tanks 2D: Tank Wars

Remove attack tanks and weapons! Consider upgrading your weapon systems and purchase but instead upgrade new tanks! Wage war against boss tanks! The Kizi com game has a lot of tanks in the game: MS-1, BT-2, T-60, T-127, T-34, KV-2, KV-3, and IS-2 are among the aircraft. Make use of airstrikes and air support! Win the tank battle!

A completely accurate tank battle! Pick a good tank, revamp your weapons, and even get ready to fight. Severely damage your opponents and bosses! Consider purchasing and upgrade your tank! Actually appreciate the exciting gameplay with a variety of enemies! - Controllable and pumpable tanks in the game: MS-1, BT-2, T-60, T-127, T-34, KV-2, KV-3, IS-2. - Tanks, armored vehicles, infantry, fortified objects, employers, and passenger jets are all targets. -The new air strike accelerator will assist you in striking enemies. - A repair kit is always available from the air support service. Launch and engage in tank combat!

We extend the player's play count with a number of new games similar to this game where you can start your journey such as Restoration Master. Each mission will force you to find those Different ways to play through. 

Instruction to play

To play with a PC, use the mouse and keyboard (w,a,s,d)

To play from mobile devices, use touch input