Big Game Hunting

A forest full of animals and you will hunt for something that people are very curious about. If so, join the game now Big Game Hunting at Kizi action games to learn more about hunting. Luckiness will come to you! The animals do not appear immediately but we hide in the big bushes and countless other places. How are you able to detect them? Observe sniper your way and make moving targets. Please zoom your lens up to be able to see the target more clearly. Then shoot very accurately.

Your target is the deer in the forest. They are far away from you and their position is difficult to shoot. But I believe that with your skills observation. You absolutely can be able to destroy these animals and shoot and accurately shoot. If you sell correctly then you will have the opportunity to pass this level as quickly as possible. Beautiful gardens and lots of wonderful animals will bring you good luck. Your ammunition is limited; try not to use it in unnecessary things. Let's harvest for you the animals that we hunt.

Take the opportunity and shoot the animals accurately in the game Big Game Hunting. If the game leaves you with a passion, share it with your friends. Invite your friends to join now on the game for a great hunting challenge. Let's allow you to participate in a few other similar game genres Stupid Zombies and Bowmastery Zombies 

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to be able to shoot the animals.