Subway Squid

You can find different games about Squid Game at Kizi games and most of them put you in the shoes of the participant. What about changing your role this time? In Subway Squid, you play as the guardian. Instead of eliminating the losers, as usual, you have to escape from the robot doll. No one knows why you are being chased by the doll. You don’t need to find the reason.

Instead, run at the fastest speed to escape from the angry doll. If she catches you, you’re gonna die. Inspired by Subway Surfers, you run on the subway line and you have to avoid hitting barriers and oncoming trains. If you hit one of those obstacles, the distance between you and the doll will be shortened. Hit for the first time and you’re fine but for the second and third time, you get caught. Plus, if you crash hard into those obstacles, you die immediately. You have to stay focused on movement to keep your life safe and run as far as possible.

Like other endless runner games, you collect diamonds and use diamonds to upgrade the duration of some power-ups that you can collect while running. These items are jetpack, super sneaker, diamond vacuum, 2x multiplier, hoverboard, balloone, and diamond frenzy. With diamonds, you can also unlock new heroes in the store. Your running journey will last forever as soon as you stay alive. It just ends when you die.

And when your life is taken away, there is no chance to revive. You have to turn back to the starting point and start a new running journey. Break a leg and check out more interesting games on our site such as Pretty Tiles and Santa Claus Jumping 

Instruction to play

Arrow keys for movement.