Mango Mania

Jump, slide, and lots of different actions to create the safest move to help your little monster collect and mangoes in this forest. How do I position the mangoes at a very high altitude? Besides, there are always obstacles that make it difficult for you in the game Mango Mania at You cannot collect mangoes easily. You need to brainstorm and take advantage of a good opportunity to be able to move safely. Jump up to the mango and collect them to the finish line with a blue diamond. You need to collect behind the doors.

Unlock it so you can escape from the maze and find yourself lots of mangoes. The later the level, the more obstacles will be. you move most wisely. You must try to collect three given mangoes to fill this monster or it will starve. Will luck smile on you in this mango collecting game? This is an intellectual puzzle adventure of many different actions. Bring back the most delicious mangoes.

Try to reach the finish line safely with the blue diamonds to give you a high score. How many speeds can you unlock with your wits? Lots of mangoes are waiting for you in the back. Don't keep the game to yourself and share it with all your friends. Join your friends in the game Mango Mania at kizi games. to have moments together in a fun-filled adventure. Discover a few more similar game genres like Adam and Eve GO and Donutosaur

Instruction to play

Use arrow keys to control your little creature.