18 Wheeler Cargo Simulator

The task of driving this large truck filled with heavy loading goods is not easy at all, especially in the mountainous area. If you are really good at driving or simply want to feel the real thrilling vibe of this hard job, try it out! The task for you as a driver is to carefully transport gas tanks in the mountain area. The job includes two part: loading goods on the truck and driving through the mountain.

First, complete the paycheck and buy all the gas tanks that you can stack on. Then, start driving on this bumpy road on the mountain. The first thing the players are going to feel is the grand theme and graphics of the virtual scenes in this game. Cool graphics, 3D design, and no lagging will optimize your gaming experience.

The realistic setting makes it harder to drift and turn whenever there is an obstacle. More than just the terrains, you need to keep an eye out for rocks and other items that can make the truck bounce up and down. Avoid that at all cost since it can make the goods fall down the truck. Your controlling skills and flexibility to adapt to stress will be enhanced thanks to this game!

It's a good driving game that has been played by kids of all ages. Don't miss out this chance to play it now! Keep up the driving challenges with other choices like Taxi Driver and Sahara Racer from this category as well. 

Instruction to play

Use the arrow keys or WASD to drive the truck.