Smart Looter

Feel the adrenaline rushing in your veins as you break in the buildings and steal everything. Are you ready for this big mission? Smart Looter challenges you with tons of levels. This will be an intense and fascinating experience. Get on your car, drive to the destination, and stop right in front of the houses. After that, what you need to do is to sneak in and collect every single item inside each house.

Be careful because the guards are checking everywhere. They use a torch to find whether something goes wrong inside the house or not. And if you step in the light, you get caught and your mission fails. You can apply 2 tips here. Firstly, move to the other side of the guard when he comes close to you. Secondly, hide in your magical box so no guard can detect your trace.

On, once you get everything, you can go straight to your car and escape. You play this game at your pace. It doesn't require you to finish a mission within a limited time but you have to get the amount of money at each level before you escape. Not enough money and you are caught by the police as well. Feel free to do everything and spend your time on the mission like the way you want.

Remember that your mission becomes harder as you level up. Let's see what await you ahead and how can you finish new missions without being caught. Good luck and embark on new adventures in other games such as Bowmastery Zombies and Big Game Hunting

Instruction to play

Use your mouse or arrow keys to move. Stop to hide.