Hamster Maze Online

There is a game with very fun gameplay, especially fun and lively graphic design. Don't miss the chance to discover the online game Hamster Maze Online at Kizi one player games. Conquer all the fun of this game and feel the uniqueness. Even more attractive when you can do something to help the cute little mouse. You will enjoy the simple, relaxing and gentle gameplay. We will figure out the rules of this game to start something really special.

Guide the cute little guinea pig out of the maze to find food. A fun maze game with exquisite 3D style and simple operation. You need to lead the mouse over the fence to find food. You can also collect food for guinea pigs on the platform. And don't forget to collect more food to unlock cute costumes for this mouse. Interesting gameplay in this genre. Beautiful and colorful graphics. Intuitive interface. Easy controls. You will control the mouse skillfully to overcome the stairs in this maze.

Ready to play now the online game Hamster Maze Online. Don't use jumping, don't run, you will make the mouse climb the stairs. Slowly steer the mouse in that gentle direction and approach the plate of food waiting for him. The most difficult thing is to use the mouse or touch the touch screen to orient the exact position of the mouse.

You will see blue arrow instructions to control the mouse correctly. We can do those tasks very well. Let's get started and feel what's unique. The game has many levels. Try to get through it all. Join some other games like Train Surfers

Instruction to play

Drag to move.