Santas Magic Christmas

Whether Christmas is over or about to come, here is a great game for you to play on any occasion. It’s called Santas Magic Christmas. Basically, it’s a puzzle game that you can find so many choices. They have the same gameplay but each of them is different and every choice is worth playing. This game today has something special that you hardly find in other games of the same genre.

You click or tap on the groups of more than 3 identical blocks to eliminate them. However, each level doesn’t require you to collect a certain number of blocks or earn several scores within a given time. Instead, you have to collect 3 gifts to finish a level before the blocks reach the top of the screen. Blocks come from the bottom of the screen over time. Make sure you reach your goal before the highest column reaches the top.

Sometimes, bricks will appear to it more difficult for you to complete the mission. Here, there is something you should keep in your mind. Firstly, click on a group of 3 bags to get a power-up. Secondly, make use of power-ups appear among blocks. For example, when you click on a star, all blocks that have the same color as that star will disappear. Finally, try to group 3 gifts to win a level. Just by collecting 3 gifts, the next level is unlocked.

Don’t be surprised if you fail. The gameplay is simple but not every time you find groups of more than 3 identical blocks to remove. Besides, blocks are trying hard to reach the top. Good luck and enjoy your time in other games such as Mike & Munk and Mini Arrows

Instruction to play

Tap or click.