Mike & Munk

Team up with Mike and his chipmunk in a new journey in Mike & Munk at Kizi arcade games. You guys will go through a dungeon filled with excitement and dangers. You control both characters but one by one. This game has 2 main characters but it’s a game for 2 players. Instead, you switch between 2 characters and help them reach the exit to finish a level. Both of them need to co-operate Without one of them, you can’t move to the next stage.

As you advance in a level, you will see several traps. You need to disable or enable these traps to open the way and move towards. However, some traps can’t be disabled or enabled. The only way to pass them is to avoid or jump over them. The chipmunk can’t jump to high platforms but it can go through the narrow slits while Mike can jump to high platforms. You need to make use of each character’s abilities to reach the final goals.

Like many games that feature the adventure to the mazes or dungeons, you also face many enemies here. However, you don’t have any weapon or ability to attack them. Once again, you have to avoid them carefully to avoid getting damaged. Just only one character dies, starting that level once again is what you have to do.

Some first levels are challenging but the later levels are even more challengings as visibility is narrowed due to lack of light. You can’t see anything that is far from you. This causes many troubles. Therefore, you need to be careful twice. So have a safe journey and give other games a try: Witch Magic Aacademy and Mini Arrows 

Instruction to play

Space to replace the character, AD or right/left arrow keys to move, W or up arrow key to jump, J or X to enable or disable traps.