Lets Cut

Cut the fruits fast and a lot so you don't get to the end of the game right now Lets Cut. This is a free online game that you can fully participate in your computer and mobile phone. There will be lots of fruits coming out. Your goal is to touch the screen and hit. But the game presents many difficulties and challenges for you. There will be a lot of fruits to appear but you only have one slash and the game gives a limited number of knives. So if you use all the knives and still haven't cut all the fruit then you won't be able to complete this level.

Take advantage of the opportunity to be able to slash multiple fruits at once. At that time you can both get high scores and can win the level. You have to challenge yourself and countless levels of later to have time to train yourself with accurate aiming skills. Please observe and use your smart brain and this game to use knives properly. Have fun with the fruits and enjoy the wonderful relaxing moments that it brings to you. What are you waiting for?

Experience more and more games Lets Cut. You should not play this game for yourself, but share it with your friends. Join a lot of your friends to join now on the game to be able to entertain together with sweet fruits Sporos and Choli Jet 

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to be able to slash the fruits.